We have a sick problem

but this isn't some type of sick joke

Sickipedia is currently down. We are having serious techincal difficulties.

We are so sorry to all of our loyal users. we are working around the clock to fix the situation.

We got the following sick email from our hosting service:

     Cadence Networks Support Desk

Your support ticket, number UM-454742, on the Cadence Networks Support Desk was updated on Wednesday 10 February 2016 at 04:30.

Hi Jonathan,

Unfortunately the status update isn't so good, earlier today we experienced a cascade failure on one of the volumes on our SAN, a drive failed when the array was already rebuilding to a spare - this took that particular volume offline - it has effectively failed at this point with a 2 disk failure within the same 24hr period.

This affected some of our own internal systems as well as a small number of customers who have been with us for a long time, such as yourselves - we spent a large amount of time trying to recover this volume and restoring management and support access - we were hindered initially by loss of access to our billing system with our customer contacts in, so our apologies for not contacting you directly sooner.

The end result of todays issue, as the data on the volume was corrupted unrecoverably when we forced it back online, is that the data for your two servers has been lost. Unfortunately the service you have, also never included backups - the original customer had their own off-site backups and had negotiated their pricing to not include them.

Assuming you have some backups of your own, we will make it our top priority to rebuild you two new systems and can provide engineering assistance in reconfiguring those as required to get your site back online.
If you do follow that course of action, we'll be deploying your systems on our newer cloud platform which has built-in daily backups by default at no extra cost.

Kind Regards,


You are receiving this email because a Cadence Networks support ticket was opened from this email address. You may reply to this email to update the ticket, or you may login to our client portal and update the ticket there. If you are not already registered with our client portal, your tickets will be available in your portal after registration.