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My headmaster said I'd never grow up to be much.

I think you'll find my three stars at McDonalds say otherwise.
Instead of raising the ticket prices to 77 quid, Liverpool should have upped the price to 96.
They could have had an inquest, and it would give the crying cunts something to bang on about for the next 25 fucking years.
Jumping on the Liverpool fans band wagon, Huddersfield fans plan a walk out against next seasons ticket price rises, seven and a half minutes into the next home game.
You too could also find the love of your life and girl of your dreams on Plenty Of Fish.

But according to nearly Every Girls Profile you've got a far better chance of doing so If your employed and earn a lot in a high end job, can drive a car, own one like a Mercedes or a BMW, live on your own and are 6ft tall and over!!!

But don't be at all put off from messaging them because apparently they won't bite and none of them are at all shallow and bothered by looks or materialistic things...

They all just want a decent "Normal Guy."

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