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I was at school and got off with with this hot teacher,
I did the old trick of putting dog shit in her draw but after a public apology, she let me off.
I can't imagine being one of those passengers on that Germanwings flight before the crash- scared, the stench of someone having shat themself in the air, and wishing death would just come.

But then I remembered I've travelled with Easyjet.
The Muslim population of Great Britain is today urging women to wear their burkas with pride.

The British population are urging them to wear them out of necessity.
This morning some homeless man said,"Any spare change mate? I'm starving."

I just walked off,shaking my head..I mean,who the fuck eats coins?
The hardest interview for a journalist must be with the parents of any stabbed inner city youth as they fight back the tears and describe their child as an "angel".

The easiest would be with the other hundred and fifty tower block residents who describe them as a "cunt" and "Surprised the nigger made it to fifteen".

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