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Can Black people join the Brownies?
I walked into a pub last night and said to the barman, "I'll have a pint of Guinness."

My date immediately looked at me and said, "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Of course, how rude of me." I said, "I'll have a pint of Guinness PLEASE."
I was staying in a hotel watching a porn channel when a member of staff burst through the door before I could even pull my pants up.

After looking at me in disgust for a few seconds she composed herself and said "Excuse me sir, we've had some complaints from the other diners."
I got home to find my wife covered in cuts and bruises and her clothes torn.

"Are you alright love, were you attacked?" I asked, putting a comforting arm around her.

"No, I've been shopping." she replied "I got there early, and was trampled on as soon as the doors opened. People were kicking and screaming, and whenever I picked something up someone else snatched it from me. They were like wild animals. I gave up in the end and came home." she said.

"You stupid cow, fancy trying to buy something just because it's Black Friday, it's always murder, Why didn't you just try to get what you wanted online!?" I shouted

"Black Friday? What's that? I've been to Primark."

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