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Then there was this guy, lost in Walmart, who met another man likewise lost.

The first guy says, "I lost my wife, man!"

The second replies, "Me, too!"

First: "What did yours look like?"

Second: "5.7", skinny, HUUUGE tits, an onion ass(so perfect it'll make you cry), & she can't talk because she has no vocal cords; what does YOURS look like?"

First, "Who the hell cares? We're going looking for YOURS!"
"People know when you're lying", I said to Noel Gallagher
I see Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has failed to win re-election against his long-time rival.

Betterluck Jonathan.
Me and the father-in-law have similar opinions about his daughter.

He thinks the sun shines out of her arse while I would agree her arse is big enough to house it

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