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A number of memorial services in Indonesia and other nations hit by the Boxing Day tsunami 10 years ago are poorly attended reports suggest.

"Some events have been a complete wash out" said a spokesman
When i went on a masked dating party recently , this one piece of ass caught my eye and we hit it off immediately without saying a word, she lead me outside where we had sex and today i cant stop thinking about her, but il never get to see her again as she must of written her number down wrong, cause every time i dial my daughter answers.
I was rallying to protest against fox hunting when one of the so called hunters came to me and said
"don't knock hunting, until you've tried it dear boy." then smugly walked off.

So, next day i did,
.. his head is now on my wall.
After intensive investigations, the police in Sweden now consider the case of the burning mosque closed.

Apparently it was caused by defective Christmas tree lighting causing the tree to catch fire.
Delivery firm City Link has gone into administration, blaming "changing customer and parcel recipient preferences".

Apparently these days people prefer to have their packages flung over their own fence, not next door's.

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