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2000 illegal immigrants tried to storm the Channel Tunnel on Monday. 1500 tried on Tuesday night.

Hopefully, at this rate, we will be Paki and nigger free by the weekend.
A vicar asked me yesterday if I believe there's a God.

"I fucking hope not," I replied, "I've read the bible and he sounds like a right cunt."

As it turns out, I'll not be getting married at that Church.
France is to send 120 extra police officers to Calais as the migrant crisis near the Channel Tunnel continues.

Britian has responded by stating they are going to solve the issue once and for all by sending a fleet of Glasgow Council bin lorries.
Dr Walter Palmer the killer of Cecil the lion has been found in India, when questioned he said "I'm very sorry i did not know it was protected."

He was also asked if he knew today was save the wild tiger day, to which he replied "Ahh OOPs"

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