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Turkish authorities have found luggage unattended that looks suspect.

It may have been left by a Syrian extremist, but they are uncertain.

A spokesperson said "It's a borderline case"
As I saw the large Muslim immigrant family moving in next door, I said to myself, "This really isn't the worst thing in the world."

A black family would have been the worst thing.
My girlfriend was pulled aside by the airport security for further checks because of her skin color and her uncanny resemblance to a popular Friends character.

I guess she was a victim of Rachel profiling.
NEWSFLASH: Santa Claus was caught at 4am in a brothel. When questioned about what he was doing there he said "ho's ho's ho's"
At first I was thrilled when the estate agent assured me that I'd be living next to Caucasian neighbours.

However, my heart sank when I saw Mr. and Mrs. Mustafa and their eight children from Azerbaijan, moving in.

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