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I just watched an interview on the news with an Asylum seeker who was trying to make his way to the UK.

He was telling the reporter all about the oppression, poor living conditions and the corrupt government then he had to stop to answer his iPhone 6.
I hate grammar Nazis, I just think they overreact. I posted on Facebook last week that I caught my 15 year old son drinking whiskey in his room, so I ground him.
Apparently it's 'grounded' but I was labelled 'sick' and 'disgusting' and 'a paedophile' by the picky cunts.
After police involvement, ex tory mp Harvey Proctor has denied several accusations of historical child sex abuse.

Of course he has. Who in their right mind WOULD adm.. Oh yeah, Stuart Hall.
It is a lovely sunny day. Little Johnny is out for a walk with his mother.
Before long, he tugs her sleeve and points:
"What's that, Mummy?"
"That's a flock of sparrows, darling."

A little bit later, he points again:
"What's that, Mummy?"
"That's a gaggle of geese, sweetheart."

On the way home, who should they meet but their next door neighbours?
They stop to say hello.
"Oh! Oh! Daddy taught me this one!" says Little Johnny.
"A bunch of niggers."
My daughter got sent home from school today.

I dressed her up as Anistasia Steele from 50 shades for World Book Day.

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