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In a remote African village, the old Shaman is teaching his apprentice the fine art of female genital mutilation.

"Here", he says, taking a swipe with his razor. "This is how you slice off a clit".

"I'm going off for a while. Now you try", he says, gesturing to another patient.

When the Shaman gets back, his apprentice reports "I'm done. I sliced off all five of her clits."

"Women have one clit each!", the Shaman says. "Let me see!"

Upon examining the patient, the Shaman looks to his apprentice and roars:

"Idiot! you sliced off her hemorrhoids!"
Had a job interview with Al-Qaeda today.

"Where do you see yourself exploding in five years?", they asked.
FIFA have been suffering from much bad publicity lately, they have decided to seek the help of professionals to enhance their reputation.

They have been seeking an organisation with slick marketing skills, a proven track record of quality video productions and the ability to reach accross the World with their message of integrity and unity.

ISIS are to start next week.

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