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I was out and about in my spider man costume tonight and every one kept saying what a great Halloween costume it was.
I don't know why they keep saying this as the only reason i am dressed up is because i want my kids back.
It's seems like everyone is a fucking racist these days. A few days ago I was at the lowest point ever in my life, up to my eyes in debt with no way out. So I decided to rob the local post office and all I had to disguise myself was an old pillowcase with the eyes cut out. But I was desperate.

So I when got to the door, I took a deep breath, put the pillowcase over my head and walked in.

I was about shout out something like 'everyone on the floor, this is a robbery', when some guy came up to me, shook my hand and said 'you can go in front of me mate'. The next fella winked and said 'good man, this Country needs people like us" and he let me skip ahead too. Before I know it I was at the top of the queue and so confused all I did was buy a few stamps.
A JUDGE HAS ruled in favour of a Montreal woman who says Google invaded her privacy after a photo of her sitting outside of her house with part of her breast exposed appeared on Google Street View.

Meanwhile in wait they wouldn't have a laptop long enough to cop it.

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