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Me and my son were arguing for a good hour whether the light stays on in the fridge when you close the door... My son said it doesn't, I said it does...

In the end I took his word for it and let him out.
The parents of the little Syrian boy found dead on the Turkish beach are said to be devastated following the discovery of his body.

They've employed Gerry and Kate McCann to help ensure their other kids don't get found when they dump them in the ocean
Hundreds of Syrian refugees are stuck at a railway station in Hungary despite having tickets to travel and assurances from the German government that they would be given asylum.

Maybe the Germans could send a special train to collect them?

After all, they have had plenty of experience with that solution.
I walked up to a guy in the street, and asked, "Have you seen my daughter? She's been missing since yesterday," then showed him a photo.

Confused, he said, "That's just a picture of an empty chair."

"I know, mate," I replied. "I just told you she's fucking missing!"

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