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To avoid a busy day at work, I decided to phone in sick." You mean you're not coming in today at all !" Said the boss, "just how sick are you !"
" well, I've just gone down on my mum !"
There was a TV program in England back in the 80's called Spitting Image" that had exagerated puppets of pop stars, and the politicians of the day.

Uncanny how I just saw a picture of Madonna's puppet, and I thought it was the real her.
Anyone who says , " I'd love to be a fly on the wall when so-and-so talks to so-and-so " , has obviously over-estimated the intellectual capacity of flies.
"If you've just joined us, welcome to the Theatre of Dreams. We're down to the last five minutes and it really is nip and tuck here."

"Will you get that fucking camera out of my surgery please?"

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