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It cost me a lot of money, but I have bought my wife one of those inflatable steam baths and set it up in the front garden.

She's using it tonight with some of her friends.

Can't wait to see the trick or treaters when they come across a scene from Cocoon.
There was a little boy who always like to sit on his grandads knee.
One day he was sat there and his grandad was drinking a bottle of beer
The boy said to his grandad, " grandad may I have a sip of your beer"
He replied to the boy "can your tail touch your bum"
The boy replied "no"
"We'll that's your answer then" replied grandad.
The next day the little boy was sat there on grandads knee why he was smoking a cigar.
"Can I have a toot on your cigar grandad"
"Can your tail touch your bum"
"No grandad"
The next day grandad was eating a fresh batch of baked cookies. The boy looked with excitement.
"Grandad can I have a cookie"
Grandad said "can you touch your bum with your tail"
The little boy said " yes grandad I can"
"We'll go fuck yourself"

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