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Thursday's Eastenders is going to be good.

Sharon dumps Phil after finding out he's been stroking and sucking Lady Di's puppies.
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I took my son out for a round of crazy golf at the beach today.

He pissed all over the windmill and I had a shit on the 9th hole.
What do you call a plastic parrot? Pretty polyurethane!
I went to a modern art exhibition today.

I spent hours looking at the paintings trying to work out whether they'd been vandalised or not.
I was watching snooker on the telly earlier when my wife grabbed the remote control out of my hand and changed the channel because she said it was boring.

She has obviously never listened to it on the radio before.
Last week I went on 'Kids say the funniest things' with my six year old twin daughters.

Not so funny when your kids reveal,you are in fact what is commonly known as,a paedophile.

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