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One day, shortly after joining the PGA tour in 1965, Lee Trevino, a professional golfer and married man, was at his home in Dallas, Texas, mowing his front lawn, as he always did.

A lady driving by in a big, shiny Cadillac stopped in front of his house, lowered the window and asked: Excuse me, do you speak English?"

Lee responded: Yes Ma'am, I do."

The lady then asked: What do you charge to do yard work?

Lee said: Well, the lady in this house lets me sleep with her.

The lady hurriedly put the car into gear and sped off.
Tattoo Disasters UK features Tom Moffatt, a man who wrote 'Sony boy' instead of 'Sonny boy' and 'Ricey' instead of his son's name 'Riley' on his own arm. Now, he's campaigning 'So people like me shouldn't be allowed to have tattoo guns, no questions asked'.

He's right. People like that shouldn't be allowed Tattoo Guns - or penises.
What is the difference between an IRA funeral and an NRA funeral ?

In an NRA funeral they don't bother with the balaclavas before firing a volley of shots over the grave.

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