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Some mates were sharing their worst camping experiences
One hadn't said anything but when pressed he said woodenly
"I badly needed a dump in the middle of the night, couldn't find the torch and squatted on a rabbit trap and as it slammed shut it leapt out of the leaves and slammed shut on my balls"
All his mates winced as one and a couple went pale and a few moaned
"But that didn't hurt as much as when I ran out of chain"!!
"Does it have much leg room?" I asked the car salesman.

"Yes, lots," he said, opening the passenger door.

"I meant in the boot," I said.
"Kill my wife for me Dave," my boss whispered, "and I'll pay you 200 grand."

"And if I get 20 years inside, will you send me a cake with a file in it?" I joked.

"Dave," he said, "you've killed my wife, but still expect me to give you work?"

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