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With 1 terrorist and 8 children murdered in Australia this week, I think they cannot avoid the follow on with Pakistan's total of 141 in their first innings.
My wife and I parked in a disabled parking space, at my local supermarket this morning.

A car park attendant approached me and said, "Sir, the place you parked in is strictly for disabled people only."

He then took a look at my fat wife and said, "Ah, fair enough."
My wife was filling a disability claim form in when she stopped to eat a massive piece of cake.

"What are you doing? " I asked.

"Just complying with EU legislation, wouldn't want to be seen as a benefit cheat. " She replied.
The mentally disabled in filth and without proper care, floor covered with rotting food, faeces, urine, open packets of food, broken bottles and cat food.

The Christmas sales are still on at ASDA!

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