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As a young Jewish boy, it is tradition to receive presents from your family and friends to celebrate your barmitzvah. I will always remember the two presents I received from my father:

1: A cheque book that belonged to the family bank account
2: A playboy magazine

The only issue was that the pages were stuck together... Makes it almost impossible to write any cheques.
Labour MP Simon Danczuk has been caught out on Twitter, admitting to regularly viewing pornographic videos.

Which is ironic really, as I was caught out by my girlfriend regularly viewing Twitter. . . .wanking over his wife's huge tits.
On her way back home through the park the wife was raped by a gang of men who bashed her head in with a crowbar. Crimewatch have offered to do a reconstruction.

That's sweet, but I think they should leave it to the plastic surgeon.

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