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mosques all over Britain are having an open day. the last time they did that I mistook a mosque for the paki shop and asked the imam for 20 silk cut.
Being a huge golf fan I recently visited the home of golf, St Andrews with my wife.

What a lovely place, whilst there I decided to take her up the fourth hole I thought fuck it, we are on holiday and I have worn out the other three.
Rugby union is played in over 100 countries across six continents; there are 101 full members and 18 associate members of World Rugby.

Yet American invented their own separate copy version of the game which has players wearing crash helmets; body armor, and extra tight leggings to wiggle their arses for each other.

And that is why only yanks like American football.

Ps...Canadians also play rugby.
Although my wife was weak from the cancer she put up a fight right till the very end.

She was still throwing punches even when I put the pillow over her face.
Sky News - Zika mosquitoes may reach Europe by plane.

Can't they just smack them with their passports at check in?

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