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Q. What do you get with nuts on your chest ?
A. Chestnuts

Q. What do you get with nuts on your wall ?
A. Walnuts

Q. What do you get with nuts on your chin ?
A. A mouth full of COCK ! ! !
One of the things that really annoy me are the slang terms the younger generation are using nowadays, for example the word "turnt" which after googling it I found out means fun. Iv also got my own slang word I use to describe people that speak like this which is "cunt" and funny enough means the opposite of fun.
Just a quick heads-up, someone is deleting other users' profiles on the site this evening.

Would have posted this in the forum but I no longer have access :(

Concerns passed on to site admin, though it looks like they're enjoying a kip at the moment. - LRR (This is not the place for messages, but this looks like a crisis if accounts have been hacked.)

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