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Had a different outcome been returned in Scotland this morning:

Alex Salmond: good morning your majesty with the win for independence I'm asking if we can now be known as the kingdom of Scotland, as leader I'll be known as the King of Scotland

Queen: no, you can't do that

AS: ok then can we be a principality and as leader I would be prince of Scotland

Queen: no I can't allow that either

AS: ok then what can we be called?

Queen: you shall be known as a country and as the leader you would be known as a......
this wont go down well north of the border, but thank you for saying no in the vote scotland, but down here we still fucking hate you jokes.....oops sorry i cant spell, i mean jock cunts.
JK Rowling really let her emotions show during the vote off.

"Been up all night watching Scotland make history. A huge turnout, a peaceful democratic process: we should be proud."

Did we really need to know she took a dump mid post though...

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