Sex Offender Jokes

Taxi driver John Worboys guilty of 19 charges of sexual assault.
Taxi driver Qamar Zaman guilty sexually assaulting pregnant woman.
Taxi driver Derek Bird killed 12 and injured 11 others.
Taxi driver Delroy Grant 'one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders'
Taxi driver Christopher Halliwell killed (at least) two young women.
Taxi driver who's picking you up at six...

Have a great night out girls!
If when going on holiday, like me, you don't want annoying children, crying, screaming and running around you on the plane and resort. Just tell your travel agent, that you are on the sex offenders register and cannot be near young children. Free upgrade to business class, relaxation, peace and quiet, its worth the look of disgust from the cabin crew.
Hull City striker Marlon King has been released on bail following his arrest for sexually assaulting a woman in the red light district.

So, it's not true: he can score in a brothel.