Terror Jokes

BBC News today:

A 4-year-old boy has memorised virtually every bus service in the capital.

Ishaal Yewale can tell you which bus route to take, day or night.

His father, Jayant, says that Ishaal's always been fascinated with public transport and has been reading bus maps for the past eight months.

Is anyone suspicious of this or am I just paranoid?
In my first week at work, I've called someone a cunt, spat in their face, stamped on their hand, smeared them with excrement and threatened to kill their family.

The CIA have already given me a pay rise.
As a bomb disposal officer I'd just like to say a massive thank you to the health and safety conscious bomb makers out there for colour coding the wires on your bombs.
The Taliban have announced that they now have a stealth bomber.

Sounds impressive, until you find out it's just a guy wearing a rucksack underneath his