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''BBC News: 43% of men admit to looking at a woman's breasts when first introduced.
The other 47% were with their wives when asked the question ''

And the other 10% were doing what exactly? having a wank?
A recent study has shown that 4 out of every 5 men admit to regularly watching pornography.

"This is a very worrying and very real reflection of modern times which poses many sociological questions." Said the pshychologist who conducted the survey.

Too right. Are 1 in 5 men just lying fuckers? Or do 20% of men still not have a decent internet connection?
A recent study found that 35% of men have been injured while undoing a woman's bra.

Actually, I can vouch for that. I got injured today while trying to undo a woman's bra. When I undid the woman in front of me in the checkout line, she turned and hit me with a can of peas.
In a recent magazine survey, it stated that 98% of all black males have had sex in the shower. The other 2% said they have never been to prison.
According to a new survey, 76 percent of men said what they look for most in a woman is a sense of humour and a good personality...

This was a survey published in "Full Of Shit Magazine."