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I was scanning my items on the self checkout in Tesco, when something unexpected appeared in the bagging area...

That's the last time I tell my wife to reverse the car up so we can load the shopping into the boot.
A recent study found that almost 9% of women's swimsuits provide poor coverage in the gusset area. Notable issues were spiders legs, camel toe and the odd stray flap.

A follow up study of fitting room privacy at fashion retailers has been delayed pending the lifting of a restraining order.
Horsemeat has been found in burgers sold by stores including Tesco and Iceland.

A spokesman for Tesco said, 'We are working to ensure this does not happen again.'

A spokesman for Iceland said, 'We are proud to finally be selling burgers that actually have some meat in them.'
Apparently Real Madrid want their 80 Million Pounds back for Cristiano Ronaldo.

They found that you can already buy fags for less than a fiver in Tesco...