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I hear in the local paper last week that our church has found a replacement vicar since our last one moved to Australia

So I turned up at Sunday morning service to have a gander (Not that I usually go to church) and it turns out our new vicar is black

I sat through the whole service thinking "Holy Shit"
I've discovered that Miley Cyrus has got a song where she quotes: "Who said, who said I can't be president"

Well to be honest Miley, Now's your chance because I've heard they're even accepting niggers these days
Earlier on I used Internet Explorer's InPrivate feature for a wank using my sisters laptop
A new screen opened with the writing: "InPrivate is turned on"

Woah, slow down mate... I haven't even got my cock out yet
Im so sorry about our argument last night, I hate it when we disagree and fight. My world is nothing without you, everyday I think about you and love you more and more. I wish I could just hold your hand and kiss you all the time and then have passionate sex whilst watching casulty...

...anyway suppose i should get back to the main reason im writing this... Happy Mother's Day Mum xxx