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My mate told me that classic joke the other day: "how does every black joke start? with a look over you shoulder."

I glanced behind him and said "yeah, pretty funny mate, but guess what you've forgotten to do?"

My mate's not in the best of shapes right now.
Abdul and Paddy are begging outside a railway station. Abdul has a Mercedes, a large house and is loaded, Paddy has fuck all. Abdul's begging hat is overflowing with with numerous notes but Paddy has just a few coppers in his.
"How do you do it?" asks Paddy.
"Look at your sign," says Abdul.
Paddy's sign reads: "Out of work, wife and six kids to support, please help."
Paddy then looks at Abdul's sign, which says: "I only need another £20 to get back to Pakistan."
If you didn't look over your shoulder nervously while browsing sickipedia before, the bumming at the top of the screen will certainly make you now.