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The government says that there are nearly 50,000 people with HIV in Britain, a third of whom do not even know that they have it.

Is it just me, or is it a bit harsh that the government know and haven't told the poor sods?
The math on the Paul McCartney-Heather Mills divorce is:

After 5 years of marriage, he paid her $49 million.

Assuming he banged her every night during their 5 year relationship (and, being married men, we all know THAT doesn't happen), it ends up costing him $26,849 per lay, not counting attorney's fees and court costs.

On the other hand, Elliot Spitzer's call girl Kristen charges $4,000 an hour. Crazy, right?


Had Paul McCartney employed Kristen for 5 years, he would've paid $7.3 million for an hour of sex every night for 5 years (a savings of $41+million).

Value-added benefits are: a 22 year old hot babe, no begging, no coaxing, never a headache, wide open menu, ability to put BOTH legs around you, no bitching and complaining or "to do" lists. Best of all, she leaves when you're done, and comes back the next day, ready for another round. All at 1/7th the cost, with no legal fees.

Is it just me, or is it better to rent?
Circumcision is practiced by all Jews, most Muslims and a large number of Americans.

Is it just me, or does there seems something really wrong with people who feel its perfectly acceptable to cut part of a child's dick off?
Under Queen Victoria, Britain had an empire so large that it was said that the sun never set on it. Our navy ruled the waves; we governed over a billion people, with a government democratically elected exclusively by men.

Now we are ruled by unelected European bureaucrats, we rule no one, and most of the people we did rule have had civil wars and are now ruled by despots, and our navy is almost down to its last rowing boat.

Is it just me, or is it time we sent the women back to the kitchen and stopped this silly "voting" nonsense.
On the 10th of September, scientists in Switzerland put into motion an experiment to examine a big bang... is it just me or are they a day early?