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Roses are red, but there are also pink, white and yellow varieties
Violets aren't blue, they're violet, hence the name
I've got OCD
And my poetry skills are also lacking.
"The only pictures in the whole exhibition I can really look at are yours."

"Thanks," says the artist. "Do you like them?"

"No, they're fucking shite, but there are too many people in front of all the others."
Y'know if I won some money, I'd get the way a 2 week luxury break somewhere really hot, where she could relax, and when she returned home, the house would be all cleaned, and looking different ,
As there would be someone else living there, and I'd be long gone.
I try to be tolerant and accepting of all people, but there are some minority groups I just can't stand.

Namely policemen, traffic wardens, politicians, bankers.....
Black parents at my kids' school are complaining that there are too many white and not enough black children at the school.
They're called a minority for a reason...what are we supposed to do, import them?

I'm pretty sure importing black people has been illegal for a few hundred years now.
Gucci and Prada have plans to reveal a turban based on Osama Bin Laden's for this summer's fashion week.
But there are questions on how legal it is.
Turns out Osama had his turban watermarked.
I was comforting my wife, after her recent road accident, and said to her "Don't worry love, you'll only get in trouble if they catch you."

I say the same about my child pornography collection.
James Cameron's journey to the bottom of the ocean was successful because of the sheer manpower and funding it received. Sure it didn't actually achieve a lot, but there are plenty of pretty pictures to look at.

Sort of like Avatar all over again, really.