pompeyretard's Jokes

I was watching an advert for channel 4's cutting edge about a schoolboy that attempts to sail round the world.

One of the captions during the advert said, "does he make it?"

Cue the title, "Cutting Edge - The schoolboy who sailed the world."

I presume he did then..
"Database Latency Too high".

What is latency anyway?

Why don't they just put - "Database currently has too many fuckwits copying and pasting someone else's joke onto their own facebook status, pretending that they made it up so their "friends" think they're really funny".

Works for me.

Dear BBC,

When showing two fit birds playing tennis at Wimbledon can you not fucking zoom in on some fat sweaty bastard in the crowd wearing a "comedy" union jack hat as it makes it difficult for me to maintain a lob-on whilst knocking one out.

Many thanks.