Hottest This Week

Martin Scorsese's film "The Wolf of Wall Street" broke a record by using the word "Fuck" or "Fucking" 506 times.

That actually beats a record set by my dad in 2003, trying to put an Ikea chair together.
The papers are full of celebrities either killing themselves or being involved in ancient sex offences.

Thank god there are no wars or serious outbreaks of diseases they need to report on.
I was reading about this woman in Torquay. She lived for a whole week in a flat with her dead husband.

She realized he was dead just after she said, " ... and that was my day. How was your day?"
Scientists in Japan say that by the end of this year they're going to be growing human organs in pigs and transplanting them into humans.

The irony's obviously lost on them.

They're going to give you a new heart grown in a pig to replace the old one which got clogged up from eating too much bacon and sausage.