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So, Fifa 16 will feature women's teams.

It will be the first time I get to scout a 15-year-old girl without fear of getting locked up.
My wife came home from work early to find me strutting around the house in her new dress and high heels. She shook her head in horror and burst into tears.

"I'm sorry, love," I said, embarrassed. "It's not something I do all the time. I just experiment now and then."

"I don't care about your fetishes," she sobbed, "but I must be a right fat cunt if you can get into my clothes."
In the aftermath of the recent scandals, Sepp Blatter has claimed he knows how to fix FIFA.

He couldn't have worded that better if he'd tried.
It's such a shame that 79-year-old Sepp Blatter has been re-elected for another four years as President of FIFA.

He just doesn't embody the modern, democratic values of the sport like that nice Arab prince from the Jordanian royal family.