Hottest Today

I took part in a Police identity parade today.

The ones in uniform were the easiest to spot.
These days, Formula 1 racing is just like watching one of those Police Interceptor shows.

Lots of white drivers chasing a speeding nigger before he eventually crashes out.
As a kid I thought Doctor Who was real, my mum would ring for an appointment and the receptionist would tell my mum on the phone,

"I can give you an appointment with Doctor Praknadhaskran, "

And my mother would always reply,

"Doctor Who, yes that will be fine thanks. "
A kitchen appliance just asked me, "When I cook this chicken am I cooking just the body, or also it's soul?"

I thought, "That's a deep fat fryer".
Insurance company "Sheila's Wheels" apparently wants pink coloured driving lanes for women only, because 114.190 men were involved in traffic accidents as opposed to 70.470 women.

By that logic, we should have separate lanes for drunk people because in only 17% of all traffic accidents, alcohol was involved.