Hottest Today

I had a terrible break up. My friends told me that if I want to get over my ex-girlfriend, I should get rid of anything that reminded me of her. So what I did, is I took the pillows that smelled like her, and cut them up. Then, anything we bought together, I smashed into tiny pieces. After that, I ripped up all the pictures of her. Finally, I put it all in a pile in the middle of the living room and I set it on fire.

Then I got the hell out of her apartment!
There's a stunning little Thai girl works at the ice cream parlour I go to, always wearing skimpy little tops and micro-minis.
I love it when she leans right over to scoop me out some banana sorbet flavour, I can see right down her top and have a good look at her lovely little tits.
I never get raspberry ripple though.

If she leans over that far, her cock falls in the Neapolitan.
I was casually minding my business while smoking a cigarette.

"You shouldn't do that in front of your child," exclaimed a man.

"Technically, he's not my child," I replied.

"What..." said my son.