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If a Muslim gets on a train, then another three, then two get off, then four more get on and then another gets off, how many Muslims are left on the train?

Fuck knows. I got out of there the minute the first one boarded.
I developed a meat from pigs that Muslims can feel free to indulge in.

The pigs are given drink and drugs, put in a taxi and fucked by the driver.

I call it Rother Ham
I hate that women always say one thing and mean something completely different.

Like, "It's up to you," means, "Of the 2 choices available, you'd better select the one that I want to do."

And, "I'm fine," means, "I'm absolutely furious with you for something you couldn't possibly know about and you'd better fix it quickly."

And, "When I come back home, I'll have Mum and Dad with me," means, "For fuck's sake, make sure you're not masturbating in the hallway."