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A brass band was engaged to play in the local park. Their contract said that they could pack up and go home if there was no audience, but if just one person was watching, they would have to play their entire one-hour programme. The band began to play, the sun was shining, and there were eighty people sitting in deckchairs enjoying the music. Within ten minutes, the heavens opened, the wind gusted, and the audience ran to take shelter... all except one man. The concert continued. Rain was lashing into the faces of the musicians, their sheet music were being blown away... but one man stubbornly remained seated.

At the end of the concert, the sodden conductor approached the man and said, "You must really love brass band music."
The man replied, "Not really, but I had to wait until you finished playing because it's my job to put the deckchairs away."
Rumours of corruption in boxing have surfaced when it was noticed that Wladimer Klitschko has a freshly tarmacced drive and new clothes pegs on his washing line
Not that long ago, in a shit hole far, far, away...


The brave and explosive 'Jihadi Knights' must defend their desert homeland from the evil forces of the Russian tyrant 'Darth Invader' and 'Emperor Obama'.

Mohammed as
'Luke ChildStalker'

Mohammed's wife as
'Princess Al qaeda'

Mohammed's second wife as
'Master Odour'

Mohammed's third wife as

Abdul and Azif as the Drones
'C3-B.O' and 'RAJ2-D2'

With Jihadi John as
'Ham Oh-No'

Introducing the illegal aliens
'Muhammed the Hutt',
'Admiral Allah Ackbar'
And the furry, primitive ' Ewogs'

Coming to all European countries NOW