Hottest Today

After 13 years, Cadbury are bringing the Milk Tray man back.

Idris Elba could do the job for Black Magic.

Or Robertson's jam.
The pet shop in my village is advertising free chips with every cat.

Me being the funny guy I am, I decided to take their sign and put it outside the Chinese takeaway.
Jurgen Klopp used to have the 'Yellow Wall'.

Now he's going to have small pieces of red wall instead.

Under his car, where the wheels used to be.
What's the difference between a Scotland fan entering Hampden and a Syrian refugee getting in a dingy?

The Syrian has a chance of making Europe.
I'd like to see a series of The Apprentice where a bunch of 16-24 year olds try to win two years on £120 a week doing the boss's dirty work then get a worthless qualification and no permanent job at the end of it.