Hottest Today

I was visiting India when the worst thing happened. My hard-drive shorted, taking with it my entire porn collection.
With no hard-drive, no repair shop, and no internet, I did the next best thing...

...I bought a bus ticket.
A huge blackout has plunged Pakistan into darkness.

They're really going all out with this 'stuck in the dark ages' image they've been cultivating.
In jail I over heard Leroy threatening one of the Muslims that he's gona get him in the showers and make him pick up the soap

After one hell of a struggle Leroy eventually got the better of him and made the scruffy cunt have a wash
Tess Munster, a successful size 22 model has said this is a victory for every woman who has ever doubted themselves.

I think what she really meant was, every woman that ever doubled themselves.