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Blue Peter presenter John Noakes has finally been found after a difficult 9 hour search....on the internet for a 1970s kids' TV presenter who was not involved in child sexual abuse.
A family of 12 from Luton could have travelled to Syria (definitely leaving Bangladesh and maybe going via Turkey). After going missing, UK police have said, 'They have not been seen since 17 May after visiting their home country of Bangladesh'.

I'm sure the Bangladeshi police will be right on the case, then.
Google Photos is racist for labeling a black couple as gorillas.
It's not racist, it's just a misunderstanding as gorillas know their dads and don't stab or shoot other gorillas for being on the wrong side of the jungle.
I wanted to be more Greek in my life, so I learned how to make taramasalata, planted an olive tree in my garden and took out a loan with Wonga.