9/11 Jokes

I was chatting to an American about all the pain we felt on 9/11/2001. I should know - I caught my foreskin in my zip that day.

Which, by the way, was the 9th of November.
I don't know how you can make jokes about people dying or who are about to die.
My brother died on 9/11, when the twin towers were attacked - he left behind two little girls and a boy.
You lot have no idea of the pain his family goes through every time you mention that date.
Even if people don't visit this sick site, the jokes still continue and are passed around by text, so don't give me that "you shouldn't be looking at our site which is for depraved people like us", it doesn't lessen the grief.
My brother was a good man, it's such a shame that he got caught up in it all and that the FBI didn't question why he was taking flying lessons in the first place.
Today is the 7th anniversary of the terrible "terrorist" attack on the world trade centre, I think we should pay tribute to those who died by bringing everyone together....

by having a Jenga tournament
It's a good thing that Terry Jones cancelled Burn a Qur'an Day.

Doesn't he realise September 11th is already Bring Your Plane into Work Day?
A Yank gets off the plane in Blackpool and gets into a cab, he gives the taxi driver the hotel name and off they set.. about a mile into the journey the Yank asks "whats that", the taxi driver replies, "thats the pepsi big-one, biggest roller-coaster in England, built in 1996 in 6 months costing 20 million, the yank replies...." we have one twice as big as that at home, only took 3 months to build and cost 40 million".

200 yards down the prom and the Yank again asks "whats that", the taxi driver again advises "Thats the south pier, largest pier in Europe, built in 1899 at a cost of 5 million in just under 12 months", the Yank replies...."we have one twice as long as that at home, only took 6 months to build and cost 10 million".

200 yards further down the prom the Yank spots Blackpool tower, he asks "wow whats that"

"Fuck knows" said the taxi driver, "wasnt there this morning."