Celebrity Death Jokes

To the theme of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air:

South-east England born and raised
On reality TV spending most of my days
Bein' racist, whoring out and relaxin' all cool
And being disgusting, Fuck the gene pool
When a couple of cells
Who were up to no good
Startin making cancer in my vaginalhood
I got one little lump and my doctors got scared
They said 'we are putting you on chemo, say goodbye to your hair!'
An American posted:

"A lot of us Americans may be fat, dumb, and lazy ... but at least we don't have Jade Goody.

Score one for America."

Sorry to disappoint you, but give it two weeks and neither will we.

Score two for the UK.

Getting rid of Jade +1

Not being American +1
Just realised that I posted a joke on here about Michael Jackson just days before he died.

Obviously I thought this must be a bizarre co-incidence, but I wanted to make sure. So I thought I'd write a new joke to test the theory. It starts:

"Gordon Brown, Robert Mugabe, Katie Price, Didier Drogba, My Boss, and all pakis in the UK walk into a pub..."