Holocaust Jokes

So the Germans have said that England's "goal" being disallowed is fine and acceptable as it was simply karma for the Russian Linesman Incident in '66. Well said Germany, and on a similar note I have opened a wonderfully legitimate new recreational shower chamber that 6 million of you should pop along to, free of charge, and discuss the ins and outs of your karma theory.
Hans Lipschis, 93, has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of having been a guard at Auschwitz during the Holocaust.

He admits to working there, but claims he was only a cook.

I doubt that claiming to have been in charge of the ovens is going to help his defence much.
I only moved to Germany last week and already I've been banned from the local swimming baths.

It's not my fault though.

They should put a sign up if they don't want people wearing gas masks in the communal showers.