Games Jokes

As my wife and I lay in bed together, I felt the tension in the air.

She then folded her arms and huffed, "You never make the first move."

"Jesus!" I said as I rolled my eyes. "Every night it's the same thing."

"Well you don't!" she moaned. "It's always me and quite frankly I'm fed up with it. And before you start, it's nothing to do with you being black."

"It is," I said.

"No, it isn't," she said.

"You know what?" I said as I jumped out of the bed. "You can stick the fucking chessboard up your arse."
I've just got on to the property ladder and been stitched up. There's no water and I can't gain ownership of the land to one side because of a utilities dispute. At this rate I could end up in jail.

My dad's so fucking competitive when it comes to Monopoly.