Hoover Jokes

I'm so disappointed with Henry.

As the years have gone by, his performances have been getting worse and what happened on Wednesday is the final straw.

I'm getting a Dyson tomorrow.
Why is it better to be a bad joke on sickipedia than one of the 228 people who have gone missing on the Air France flight?

At the very least, a bad joke on sickipedia can expect to be buried.
The new Dyson Stowaway, Big when you need it, Small when you don't.
Quite ironic how my wife only uses it when it's big, just like my penis.
My wife walked out on me today.

On the plus side, it was better than the day she walked in on me....

And Henry.....

The hoover.
How many men does it take to fix a vacuum cleaner?
Why the fuck should we fix it? We never use it!