All Races Jokes

A friendly German, a brave Frenchman, a slim American, a unique Chinaman and an Englishman with a massive cock walk into a bar and a Jew says, "Drinks are on me."
A bloke goes into an antique shop and asks how much the brass cat in the window is. The owner says, "£50 for the cat and £50 for its story."

The bloke says he'll just have the cat and sets off home.

As he leaves the shop, a cat starts following him, then ten cats, then a hundred cats, then a thousand cats, so he hoys the brass cat in the river and all the other cats dive in after it.

The bloke goes back to the shop and the owner says, "Back for the story, eh?"

The bloke replies, "No. Got any brass Pakis?"
Locals are said to be in a state of shock after Police found a stash of guns behind the library in Glasgow yesterday.

A spokesman said, "The people of Glasgow had no idea they had a library."