Jew Jokes

Hitler walks into the meeting room and turns to his trusted staff.
"I want you to organise the execution of 10,000 Jews and one kitten."
Everyone looks around the table and, after a long silence, Goering pipes up. "Mein Führer, why do you want to kill a kitten?"
Hitler smiles and turns to the rest of the table. "You see, no one cares about the Jews."
I went to a party last night. I thought I looked pretty smart, but some Jewish cunt said, "The '70s called... They want their shirt back!"

I said, "The '40s called... Your shower's ready."
A Jewish man was walking around Jerusalem when a bill board caught his eye. It read, "We would rather do business with 1000 Arabs than one single Jew!"
The Jewish man stopped and asked himself what place would advertise such a racist proclamation. Then he got it... The Funeral Directors.