Native American Jokes

One day a tiny Apache Indian child walked into Big Chief Sitting Bull's tent.
"Sitting Bull," he asked, "why does every man in our tribe have such long complicated names?"
"Well," said Sitting Bull, "it's simple: whenever a baby is born, his father wanders outside, absorbs the wonder of nature and then names his child after the first thing he sees. Why do you ask, Two Dogs Fucking?"
An army fort in the wild west is about to be attacked by renegades, so the captain sends for his trustiest Indian scout.

"Use all your tracking skills to estimate the sort of war party we are up against." orders the captain.

The scout lays down and puts his ear to the ground, "big war party," he says, "one hundred braves in war-paint. Two chiefs, one on a black horse, one on a white horse and also a medicine man with a limp."

"Good heavens!" says the captain, "you can tell all that just by listening to the ground?"

"No, sir," replies the scout, "I'm looking under the gate!!"