Pakistani Jokes

Fifteen skinheads chased a Pakistani into a shop and proceed to kick seven flavours of shit out of him. Eventually, the police arrived and arrested everyone.

One of the coppers walked over to the shop assistant and asked if he saw it all happen.

When the clerk replied, "Yes," the cop asked why he didn't help out.

"I thought fifteen was enough," came the reply.
BBC News today:

A 4-year-old boy has memorised virtually every bus service in the capital.

Ishaal Yewale can tell you which bus route to take, day or night.

His father, Jayant, says that Ishaal's always been fascinated with public transport and has been reading bus maps for the past eight months.

Is anyone suspicious of this or am I just paranoid?
Barclay's are apparently "Fluent in Finance."

Well, that's fantastic. It's just a shame none of the fucking Indians that answer their phones are fluent in English.