Random Joke

The Queen and Prince Philip are talking.

Queen: Philip, one has come to a monumental decision.

Philip: Not again Liz! Last time you did that we ended up having Edward.

Queen: No! I'm going to dissolve parliament, all these money grabbing bastards running the country.

Philip: What! Who is going to bloody run it then?

Queen: We are. The whole family!

Philip: What like the fucking Mafia?

Queen: Look you can run the Foreign Office, you're good with Jonny foreigner.

Philip: True.

Queen: And we have natural leaders for every job in the cabinet - Charles can handle the environment, Zara can do sport and of course Harry can handle immigration policy!

Philip: Actually on reflection it's a great idea!

Queen: Too right it is. Now Windsor or Balmoral?

Philip: What about them?

Queen: For the second home allowance!
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