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I once had a mate who was as miserable as you can be. Everyone he passed told him to 'fuck off'.

One day it was too much and he said to me 'if I get told to fuck off one more time, I'll commit suicide.'

I reminded him that there is still some good in the world. He said to me 'you are right. I need to find some way to make myself happy again.' After thinking for a minute he said 'reading always seems to make me happy'.

So he walked into a library.
The bible says that Adam and Eve were the first people ever born. Since they were the only people around, their children would have to shag each other in order to have children.

Does anyone else think the bible should be renamed "American History"?
I pretend to be a thirteen year old girl on myspace so I can meet up with other little kids and rape them. I was supposed to meet up with a 15 year old girl the other day. When I met her, I found out she was actually a 40 year old man.

Some people are just sick.
I walked into a library yesterday and asked for a book on suicide to see what would happen. And what did I get? Six months of therapy three times a week. Thanks for the bright idea guys.
I love how Americans think that the term used to define "child lovers" is "pedophile".

Ped - Derived from the Greek word for "feet".

Paed - Derived from the Greek word for "child".

Phile - Derived from the Greek word for "lover".

You can spell it and pronounce it how you like, but if it's not spelt "paedophile" and pronounced PEED-o-file rather than PED-o-file, fuck knows what language you are using but you like to fuck "feet".

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