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If you are offended by any of the potato famine jokes present on the website, feel free to call the complaints line on 0800 1-potato 2-potato 3-potato 4
I've written a play about the Irish potato famine....

Murphy: "Have you got any potatoes, Paddy?"

Paddy: "No."

The end.
Tricyclic_Looper posted:

John and Edward – I haven’t laughed at the Irish this much since the potato famine.


So there you go. Not only is he a top sickipedia user, but also apparently immortal.
1 Million of Irish people died of starvation during the great potato famine 1740–1741.

Well they shouldn't have been such fussy eaters should they.

The Irish potato famine 1845. The potato crop failed and approximately one million people starved to death. Ireland, a small island surround by sea. I mean, for fuck's sake, did none of the stupid cunts think of going fishing?
My potato brings all the irish to the yard

and they're like that famine was hard, damn right that famine was hard

i could feed you but il have to charge......

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