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My wife at the time (long since my ex) was wondering why Americans were so racist, particularly how badly they treated their blacks.

She thought that African-Americans she saw on television and in the movies were extremely talented, very friendly and quite nice looking. Not like the lazy abo cunts we have here in Australia.

True story.
My friend Jamal was disgusted when he found out he was declined entry into the local swimming gala this year, just because of the way he looked.

"They think black people can't swim eh? Those racist cunts! Just because they know I will be faster than them all!" he said to me.

I didn't have the heart to tell him that you can't swim without arms or legs.
I have just joined the facebook group, "Sickipedian" the religion, so come on fellow racist, wife beating, molesting, rapists, lets get more in this group than the, "bna teh sikcenhin sihgt of sikchepediha hu mek sikc jorks ebout are freidn laim" group, created by OUR thick as fuck scouse friends who have more than 1000 dyslexics wanting shot of us?! Not gonna happen.

However, for you scouse cunts out there, facebook hopes to release a new application in memory of Liam Gill, as of next week, you can 'Buzz' your friends.
So Channel Four can broadcast a program called "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" but when I try and pitch a show called "Thieving Pikey cunts", suddenly I'm racist...