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Yesterday, I told my workmate a joke about rape and he said, "Mate, if you think making jokes about rape is funny then you're wrong. My wife got raped and trust me, it's not funny."

Feeling slightly ashamed, I said, "Sorry. When did this happen?"

"Last week," he replied.

I paused for a moment.

"Behind the bus station?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Er... no reason."
I've been on this site for some time now and I've been doing some in-depth research, scouring hundreds of jokes and using carefully calculated formulas. I think I've come up with the optimum joke for vote getting on Sickipedia.....

Statistically 9 out of 10 Doctors and Nurses will not return their Library Books on Gang rape as they will die of an appendicitis related suicide first.

Should reach somewhere around 20,000 votes.
In an argument with my girlfriend yesterday, she shouted at me:

"Stop making jokes about rape! How do you think the women feel?"

"Depends on the girth," was probably not the best response.
For a few months now I have been laughing at and posting sick jokes on this website. I believed that no target was too low; taboos were there to be broken. I thought that it was great spending my time laughing at victims, be them of rape, murder or abuse.

Last night something happened that has completely changed my perspective on things. My family found out that my father has been abusing and raping my 5 year old sister Katie. My poor mother woke up in the night and caught my Dad in the act in her room. It was the screams of my distressed Mother that brought me running to the scene where I found out the sordid truth.

As I am sure you can understand, in light of these events I no longer feel that I will be able to post on this website. I just can't see myself having any spare time now I know Katie's been broken in.
I find all these rape jokes very alarming (no pun intended), as it strikes me that, for so many of you to be rapists, that must mean a lot of you are black.

And that makes me feel rather uncomfortable.
My little brother has posh wanks, which is where you masturbate with a condom on. He jokes about it being "extra safe" and how he "doesn't want to get his hand pregnant."

However, it makes sloppy noises and leaves a nasty smell in the room. This is really irritating because we share a room.

So what I've done is taken all his used condoms, so that whenever I have sex I can just slip one of his condoms on inside-out.

Three wins:

I get extra lubrication.
The baby won't be mine.
When the police find the evidence in the rape victims, I'll have a nice-smelling bedroom all to myself.
There seems to be a real lack of jokes about Remembrance Sunday today.

Proving that despite all the jokes about useless niggers, smelly pakis, idiotic yanks, disgusting poofs, abducted childen, vicar paedophilia, violent rape, celebrity deaths and necrophilia, Sickipedians still know when to draw the line...

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