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I was at the zoo today and I saw this gorilla I put my hand up to wave at it and it waved back. Then I put my hand up to the glass and so did it. Amazed now I poked my tongue out and once again it copied. I asked my son to come and see so he raced over, checked gave me a blank stare and then said "This is a mirror you stupid cunt, the gorillas are over there".
My mum had a party at her house last night. I went into the kitchen at one point to find her with her tongue down her new boyfriend's throat. I said, "Get a broom."

She said, "Don't you mean 'Get a room'?"

I said, "No. I've dropped some Monster Munch on your new carpet."
I took the wife to the Doctors with an ingrowing toenail.

"The best practice is to remove it." he said. "Do you have any questons?"

"Yes," I said, "you know she's got an ingrowing tongue?"
Can someone help? What's that thing that covers a Paki woman's face; the word is on the tip of my tongue...

Fuck me, it's okay guys. I remember it's hair.
The Telegraph: "British student has tongue lengthened to speak Korean"

Surely it's the eyes that need lengthening?
I love it when I first get inside your box, at first you're tight but you get looser... I slide inside you with ease and it's a perfect fit...I love the way your tongue feels against me, lightly brushing me...and on top of all that you're so supportive

Mmmm, new trainers.

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