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I'd love to see some Muslim suicide bombers face, when he gets to heaven and Amir khan, Susan Boyle and Cliff Richard are in his virgin queue.
According to the BBC news website, Cliff Richard calenders are outselling calendars featuring JLS, Justin Bieber, and Michael Buble.

That's because in November 2011, people will still know who Cliff Richard is.
How come people are always getting in the paper for finding Jesus's face on slices of toast, etc?

I've got a scrotum that looks just like Cliff Richard's throat, but they never print the pictures I keep sending them.
As a rapist I've always felt a very strong connection to Sir Cliff Richard.

Because I'd be fucking shite at my job too if it wasn't for the shadows.
In my opinion, the problems and misery affecting our world today will only be resolved when all the parties involved accept their share of the blame and make amends.

So; it's about time the Jews apologise for the death of Jesus, the Muslims apologise for suicide bombers, and the Christians apologise for Cliff Richard's fucking Christmas singles.
My Granddad (bless him) is trying to be more modern, although he doesn't always get it right. Recently he made a funny quip:

"Don't steal a Cliff Richard single, you might end up with a criminal record - or should I say, a criminal DVD! Ha ha ha!"

I responded that it was remarkably ironic that the last criminal DVD I had - German Underground Schoolyard Zoosex - actually DID get me a criminal record. Oh, how we laughed at that one over Christmas dinner!
My mum just said that Bruno Mars is a modern day Cliff Richard.

I'd have to agree, they are both cunts.

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