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BBC News have reported Liverpool has been devastated by the recent storms;

Poundland have stated they will remain open throughout the crises so the people can rebuild their lives.
I have been accused of being racist for saying the looters were a bunch of uneducated stupid niggers. London has more banks and top range shops than most city's in the world. And what do they loot?

Poundland and Lidl.

I rest my my case.
I've been arrested for rape and barred for life from my local Poundland.

It's not my fault really; they should have some kind of sign advising shoppers that the young ladies working there are not subject to the store pricing structure.
Just read...
Pete from Big Brother has an autobiography out. I saw it for sale in Poundland. It was 50p. I think it’s the first product to make them deviate from the company’s founding constitution. To think, his life is worth less than a packet of garden pegs.

I find it funnier that you shop at Poundland
I thought they'd started filming the sequel to Shaun Of The Dead on my local High Street at the weekend.

Turns out it was just the queue for Poundland.