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Pete from Big Brother has an autobiography out. I saw it for sale in Poundland. It was 50p. I think it’s the first product to make them deviate from the company’s founding constitution. To think, his life is worth less than a packet of garden pegs.

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BBC News have reported Liverpool has been devastated by the recent storms;

Poundland have stated they will remain open throughout the crises so the people can rebuild their lives.
I have been accused of being racist for saying the looters were a bunch of uneducated stupid niggers. London has more banks and top range shops than most city's in the world. And what do they loot?

Poundland and Lidl.

I rest my my case.
I've been arrested for rape and barred for life from my local Poundland.

It's not my fault really; they should have some kind of sign advising shoppers that the young ladies working there are not subject to the store pricing structure.

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