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My brother walked in on me this morning watching porn on my laptop, wanking myself off with two fingers stuck up my arse, and the dog licking my balls.

'Wait 'til I tell everyone!!'

Little cunt was smug as anything until he asked me what porn video I was wanking over.

'You and and our little sister'

Suffice to say, my secret is safe.
Facebook Relationship statuses for Nerds:

Single = "I wank all day long and watch porn hoping for a Girlfriend"
In a Relatonship = " I talk to a girl on World of Warcraft, she says she loves me and
asks for my Credit Card details, like a real Girlfriend.
Engaged = "A girl from russia is on her way"
Married = "The Girl is here and i think she likes me, she doesn't speak english though."
It's Complicated = "She is starting to go out to nightclubs and bring men back to my flat"
In a Open Relationship = "She asks me to film her having sex with other men, i get to wank sometimes."
Widowed = "She only refers to me as the camera man now."
Seperated = "She has moved into some other guy's house"
Divorced = "I called immigration, she's going back to Russia"
In a civil partnership = "I have given up on women, now i suck cocks in the back of the comic book store"