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Happy independence Day, America! Remember, celebrating your freedom is mandatory. Your Government is watching and listening to make sure you do.
I had to smile at some of the April fools pranks on various T.V. stations this morning :

BBC : Scotland to drive on the right after independence !
ITV : New Marmite flavoured energy drink released !
Muslim TV : Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion !
Let's consider the whole American 4th July (not "July 4th" !) "independence Day" stuff. Basically, they're celebrating the fact that a bunch of aristocratic, slave-owning, middle-aged white guys didn't want to pay their taxes.

Now today their economy is buggered - even Mexican mining companies choose to list on the London Stock Exchange in Pounds Sterling, instead of the US exchange in Dollars - and, to add insult to injury, the big debate over the next potential President was between a woman and a black guy!

Talk about a plan back-firing!

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