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First susan boyle gets a boyfriend. Then Les Dennis starts riding Gail Platt. Now they're retiring Page Three and Deirdre Barlow is dead.

Thank fuck for Dot Cotton or there'd be no decent fanny left out there.
The best defence pleas never heard in a court of law.....

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* In my defence your hounour, she kept saying no, but I know she'd love it once it was in.

* 12??? The bitch told me she was 14!

* The victim can't have identified me your honour, it was very dark, and I was wearing a mask.

* She was ginger, its not as if she would get any action otherwise.

* She kept waging her tail and barking at me, if that isn't a come on then I don't know what is.

* No your honour, The rape wasn't premeditated, I always walk about with a knife and gag in my pocket.

* Yes I know she's my sister but i mean come on Look at that ass, wouldn't you.

* "Yes I know she's 12 but I mean come on Look at that ass, wouldn't you"

* "Yes I know she's a sheep but I mean come on Look at that ass, wouldn't you"

* Look your honour, If the parents didn't want there kids to get raped, They shouldn't have let them go out dressed all sexy like that.

* And I put it to you, your honour, that that child is sexy.

* Don't blame me, some guys at sickipedia put me up to it.

*No your honour, My client did not beat my wife to death with a claw hammer... It was a crowbar, And if the police got that wrong what other facts have they got wrong, I demand a miss-trial and that my client be released.

*Thank you for finding me not Guilty, Please can I have my hammer back

* How the Fuck was i to know rape still counts even if shes ugly

* Yes your honour it is a donkey but its the only ass I can afford.

* She didn't cry rape until the cheque bounced...

* i did say "surprise", so technically its not rape

* She couldn't have said no, I had my cock in her mouth.
* She couldn't have said no, she was too young.

*susan boyle? I did NOT have sex with that woman.

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