Motor Racing Jokes

Dear Sheila's Wheels,

Please note that women do not: "make the greatest drivers" as your advert suggests. For evidence of this in "real world terms" please see your nearest Formula 1 paddock, where you will note the only women allowed near the cars are in bikinis holding umbrellas, and that's only because they have previously agreed not to talk or touch anything.

Kind Regards,
J. Button
With Jenson Button looking like the dominant British driver this year there seems to be only one way Lewis Hamilton will regain his popularity with the British public...

He will have to get cancer then not shut the fuck up about it.
German court agrees to drop Bernie Ecclestone bribery charges in exchange for £60 million...

Did Bernie Ecclestone just bribe his way out of bribery charges?
Fernando Alonso walked into a library and asked if they had any books on winning races in red cars.
The librarian replied, "Certainly sir, just wait there and I'll gift wrap it for you."