Adult Jokes

You know you're getting old when:
I was watching Babe Station. There was this gorgeous girl in a skimpy little French maid's outfit, pushing a vac around, bending over provocatively. And as her little skirt rode up, exposing her lovely little bottom with the little strip of black material covering her crack, all I could think was:
"We used to have a Hoover like that one."
If I've learned anything from 50 Shades of Grey, it's that women still haven't figured out you can watch porn at home....for free.
TV > Adult
"Hi there caller, you're through to Babestation. What's your name, sexy?"

"Michael. My name's Michael."

"Nice name. My stepdad's called Michael."

"Yeah, I kn... err, rub your tits a bit more for me, please."
TV > Adult
Apparently Babestation is a porn channel that gives you free access to looking, but you have to pay to listen.

Paying to listen to a woman talk? Not the best marketing scheme.
TV > Adult