Film/Movie Jokes

Did you know that, if you watch Lord of the Rings backwards, it's a story about a little guy who gets a cool ring from a volcano and spends the rest of the film walking home...
I for one, am all in favor of amalgamating film franchises, it worked for Alien and Predator. Why wouldn't it work for Twilight and Blade?
Morpheus and Neo are plugged in to the Matrix and having a chat.

Morpheus turns to Neo, "In this world you can be anything you want."

There is a short silence.

Neo: "Then why are you a nigger?"
"Now pay attention, 007; this looks like an ordinary suitcase but, if you push this button, a handle comes out and you can wheel it."
You will never guess who I just saw at the petrol station - it was that human torch guy from the Fantastic 4 film.
I tried to get his autograph but he just kept rolling around on the floor screaming.