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2912clover's Jokes

I was thinking of hijacking a plane and flying it into a sky scraper today, the only thing stopping me was a voice in my head screaming "duplicate"
I've just seen an advert for a cruise offering "ocean views"

That's a shame, I wanted to stare at the fucking engine for a week
I used to think those quizzes on facebook were a load of shit, that is until I took the "Which Family Guy character are you?" quiz.

My result was Herbert the paedophile, how the fuck did they know?
A few good things to find written in toilet cubicles

If you took a shit, please put it back.
If the Pope has a shit is it holy shit?
Anyone can piss on the floor, to impress me be a hero and shit on the roof.
Happiness is like pissing your pants, everyone can see it but only you can feel its warmth.
While you're reading this you're pissing on your trousers.