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  • When the words - KILL THEM ALL - spring to mind, I always think of brutal ways to kill blacks, pakis, jews, germans, frenchies, midgets, disabled people, gays, more jews and of course some cute bunnies.. but then again, thats just me.

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AIDS_2009's Jokes

A white guy walks into the plastic surgeon's office and asks, "I want to be black. Can you do that?"
"Yeah, but we'll have to add two inches to your penis, take away 30% of your brain and make you 70% darker."
After the operation, the surgeon says, "I'm sorry, but we've made some mistakes. We cut off two inches of your penis, took away 70% of your brain and made you 30% darker. Is this okay with you?"
"Si, senor."
A man walks into a library and asks for a book on sarcasm.

The librarian says; "Yeah, 'cause you're gonna bring it back, aren't you?"
My wife was pregnant so I took her to the hospital.

The doctor said, "Have you ever been present at childbirth before?"

To which I replied, "How the fuck do you think I got here!?"