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Ashley1415's Jokes

After a hard day at the office, Karen comes home to find all the lights out in the house. She walks in wondering, "what's going on?"

Suddenly, all the lights come on and everyone comes out of their hiding places and shouts, "SURPRISE!"

Shocked to find her husband and all his work colleagues there, she says, "it's not my birthday."

"I know it's not, love," her husband says. "It's a gang rape."
When I was a kid and I wouldn't eat my dinner my mum would say "Just think about the starving kids in Africa"

To be honest that didn't really muster my appetite, actually it put me right off.
How many Yanks does it take to change a lightbulb?

One person to change the lightbulb,
two people to video every second of it and commentate on everything going on loudly,
and another person to shoot the two people recording it as a case of friendly fire.