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Bedhead's Jokes

Education chiefs are complaining the Harry Potter books are not teaching kids about real life.


If it was real, he'd be getting pissed on cider, punching the ginger kid and trying to finger Hermione!
Duct Tape is wonderful stuff, if it can hold Apollo 13 together, It can hold a struggling teenage girl in the boot of my car!
I hated it at home...I met this boy...I thought he was really nice...but then he started to get his mates round. He got me taking drugs! He used to keep me locked up in his cellar and make me do humiliating, degrading things to "earn" my next fix. I could cope with all that, but then he started making jokes about me on Sickipedia!


Bet thats the last time she goes on an Algarve holiday!
bet thats the last time she goes on a holiday