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Briles1207's Jokes

My Wife called me a "sick twisted" pervert earlier after she went upstairs to use the computer and found Jizz on the mouse.

"Our children touch that" she screamed!

To be fair though most of the sawdust had soaked it up and they never clean the little cunt out anyway!
A guy walked in to my insurance brokers yesterday to try and claim for his 25k Porno collection which he said had been lost in a house fire.

"Do you have proof of purchase" I asked?

"Nope" he said.

Do you have any photographs of the items prior to the incident?

"Sorry no" he replied.

"Then how do I know that this isn't some sort of scam"? I asked.

He reached into his wallet and pulled out a picture of his wife.

I didn't even charge him his excess.
I'm going to the police, I'm being harassed! Every morning for the last month I have been getting phonecalls every 10 minutes between 7am and 9am, I don't even know anyone called "snooze"...