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Kenan_UK's Jokes

Apparently Babestation is a porn channel that gives you free access to looking, but you have to pay to listen.

Paying to listen to a woman talk? Not the best marketing scheme.
TV > Adult
My wife said to prove I'm not clever, she said if I knew the name of a town in the Tikare Department of Bam Province in northern Burkina Faso was she'd give me a blow job.

I'm gonna make you hot and comfortable,

and just when you begin to settle,

I'm gonna fuck you big time and make you all wet.

Then, I'm gonna make you feel all warm again,

and just when you think it's over,

I'm gonna make you all wet again.


England weather xx
I just bought a magazine with a free CD to 'Clean your Windows computer for free'.

I put it in the computer but my windows are still dirty and I still haven't received my free computer.