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Mancubus's Jokes

In gary indiana, born and raised
On the stage is where i spent most of my days
never chilled out, relaxed, but I was still all cool
making money for my dad, instead of goin to school
we had a couple of hits and life was gettin good
im gettin too big for my neighborhood
my dad still beat me and his nostrils flared
I said "I'm dying my skin white and getting the fuck out of here"
I whistled for a boy and when he came near
his ass looked fresh and I needed to tap that rear
if anything, I could tell I hated pubic hair
so I built an amusement park, bring your kids if you dare
I pulled out the jesus juice for the boys, over 9000, and 8
and I yelled to their parents, "no proof, sue me later!"
looked at my kingdom, I was finally there
to sit on my throne, move over paedobear