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My girlfriend's dog was barking at a black man standing outside and she said, "My dog doesn't like blacks."

I said to her, "You know dogs are colour blind, right?"

She replied, "He has a nose, doesn't he?!"

I'm proposing next week.
Newsround: News for kids.

BBC News: News for normal adults.


Twitter: News for the famous and sophisticated.

Yahoo News: News for Americans

Sickipedia: News for paedophiles, necrophiliacs, racists and the immoral.
A husband and wife are having a drink in a pub, when the husband suddenly notices that his wife keeps looking at a bloke at the bar, on his own and pissed out of his head, cradling his beer.

The husband says, "You know him?"

The wife says, "Yeah, he's an old boyfriend of 10 years ago, friends say he hasn't stopped drinking since we split up"

"FUCK ME," replies the husband "he's still celebrating after all this time?"