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Toffeewaffle's Jokes

I was out on a first date when I saw a couple of lads from my football team:

"Alright skipper?" they said, as they walked past.

"Mmmm, I love a man with power..." Purred my date, "especially the captain of a team."

"I'm not the captain" I explained, "I've just got a really gay run."
I fucked this woman last night and finished all over her face:

"You dirty bastard" she moaned, "you could have given me some warning."

"Sorry love, I'm a bus driver" I said. "I don't give any indication when I'm pulling out."
I was in Tesco recently, when I bumped into this woman I'd started dating:

"Oi, you told me you were in the Red Arrows" she said.

"No I didn't" I said, arranging the washing powder, "I told you I was in the Ariel display team."