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glynathan's Jokes

My girlfriend asked me if there was any special treat that I wanted for my birthday.

So I asked for a creampie and to be able to finger it it out slowly.

She's not speaking to me now and thinks I'm sick.

She needs to get a fucking grip, it's my birthday and I will have a cream cake with no spoon if I want.
We shouldn't discriminate against fat women, in fact I believe they are better for taking home after a night out for three reasons. First, they are far more grateful and will not complain about how shit you are performing. Secondly, they are not fat because they eat lettuce. For certain she is gonna eat hard in the morning so you can be sure of some hangover grub. Lastly, she's fat so there's no chance she walks anywhere. Thus confirming she has a car and will drop you home the next day.
My wife text me and said that she had applied for us to go on the Jeremy Kyle show. I didn't want to be embarrassed live on tv so I asked her what the name of the show would be that day. She said "lying cheating perverts who touch kids". Confused me a little, I don't know why she would bring herself on tv to admit all that to the world.