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metOLIca's Jokes

I've noticed recently that the way some companies word their advertising isn't far off a joke. For instance, a car insurance ad I saw the other day said:

"Come visit our site where you could save up to 15% or more!"

Up to 15%... Or more...

So basically ranging from 0% to 100%

Might be a bit cheaper, might be more expensive, you might save a shit load! ...Who knows?
Why did God design man so that right after he cums it will make him feel sleepy..... and need a piss? By the time man returns from his piss mission he's no longer tired and will probably spend another 4 hours doing fuck all on the internet.... which will probably lead to another wank and the whole cycle starts all over again.
Kolo Toure has just admitted that the reason he left Arsenal for Manchester City was that he fell out with a team-mate at Arsenal which he said he will remain unnamed as he doesn't want to cause any controversy...

I'd laugh if it was Adebayor.
You know your life isn't going exactly as you planned when your version of a good Friday night is not having a wank on Wednesday or Thursday so the one on Friday is that little bit better!