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monkeysanchez88's Jokes

At our office party, a coloured girl came over to me and said, "I've got a 'thing' for white men."

I told her I had a 'thing' for black women: it's called slavery.
I see Scarlett Johanson is selling a used tissue on ebay. She sneezed in it, now someone has bid £1500 for it.

When I sent her a tissue containing my spunk, all I got was a fucking injunction!!

One rule for the rich....

Well, the jokes on you, Scarlett. I was thinking of Miley Cyrus while knocking it out.
For the past week I've passed a young girl on my way to work, she sits under the bridge, asking for spare change. I got talking to her, turns out she's Polish. She told me how her family were forced out of their homes, had to live in the forests and hide from soldiers. She was forced to watch as her sisters and mother were abused by the soldiers, her brothers were either shot or taken away to labour camps.

Her grasp of the English language wasn't great.

Her grasp on my English cock, however, was fantastic. Best 50 pence I've ever spent.