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mrhoppy's Jokes

I was walking down the road yesterday evening when I met a gang of hoodies.

One of the big black teenagers waved his arms like Ali G and said to me, "Dis is our 'hood and these are our streets, innit."

Apparently, "If these are your streets then fix those potholes, you lazy nigger," was the wrong reply.
What's the difference between an Icelandic volcano and a Muslim

One is full of Hash and causes aircraft to crash, the other is a volcano.
Whilst driving earlier today, I had to make an emergency stop.

It was dark and as I approached the junction a cyclist appeared from nowhere. I slammed on the brakes.

He was dressed in black, wearing a hood and had no lights on his bike and as he just missed my bonnet I saw he was a nigger.

As I released the brake pedal I thought "Damn, I could have got away with that"